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MommyJ Healthy Homemade is the brainchild and hard work of MommyJ (Founder) who specializes in making 100% Pure FOOD powders that are made from Natural / Organic / Premium quality ingredients with no added substances. It will not only help to develop a Healthy NATURAL taste, it will also provide a wide range of nutrients!

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  • Premium Chicken is a special branded chicken mean because it is safe and healthier choice for the discerning consumers.
  • It is free from Antibiotic & Chemical Growth Promoters. This assurance comes in the form of Yellow band aroundPremium Chicken leg printed GG.
  • It breeds with natural supplements with its exceptionally good in taste & quality.
  • PremiumChicken Powder is high in protein and has low cholesterol level, benefit to our & little ones health.

Organic or premium food ingredient
Coloring / addictive free
Flavoring agent free
Antibiotics residue-free
Chemical Growth promoter free


Ingredients: Use only the purest and simplest ingredients. There are only three types of ingredients: organic wheat flour, broccoli / tomato / pumpkin, and filtered water. Most of the noodles in the market contain salt as one of the ingredients; MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is absolutely with NO added salt.

Shape: Experts suggest that straight noodles is the most suitable for babies under one year old with choking hazard as one of the safety consideration. Any animals, letters, stars, etc. shaped noodles  are normally recommended for older babies.

Thickness: The fineness of MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is kept at 0.1cm. Mainly to make it easy for babies to chew and bite off noodles. Most noodles on the market, be it meesua , pasta, pan mee noodles, yee mee noodles are thicker and are more recommended for older babies.

Taste: As each baby has different requirements for taste at each different month of age. MommyJ specifically researched and shared a cooking guide on the back of the box. Moms can refer to it and you may make it your own recipe based on your baby’s favour.

Nutrition: MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is very nutritious. All three flavors are made with SUPERFOOD ingredient - Broccoli / tomato/ pumpkin. The above three super ingredients are are known to bring good nutrition and helps baby’s growth, improve immunity, promote metabolism and so on.

Allergen Advice: This product contains wheat allergen.

Weight : 200g (5 bundles x 40g)

  • Non gluten with good calorie source for energy and is one of the easiest grains to digest by baby.
  • No GMO
  • No added salt
  • No pesticide
  • No added sugar
  • No Articial Colouring No Added Preservatives
  • No Added Salt
  • No Artificial Colouring
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • No Added Preservatives
  • 75% Heavier & More Compact


 220ml / bottle

MommyJ® lower* sodium traditionally fermented organic soy sauce❗ 

✔*In comparison to previous formula, it has lowered 45% of sodium level❗

MommyJ® traditionally fermented organic soy sauce MADE FROM ONLY 5 organic INGREDIENTS : whole non-GMO soybeans, organic wheat flour, sea salt, organic sugar cane and filter water with NO ADDED fructose, plant based extract, fruit based extract ,liquor alcohol, preservatives, corn syrup, caramel and colouring.

MommyJ® Organic Soy sauce is TRADITIONALLY FERMENTED using large urns for more than 6 months

It is the safest choice in comparison to hydrolysed soy sauce which processed through chemical process known as acid hydrolysis of defatted soy beans which takes about 3- 7 days only ; Mostly hydrolysed soy sauce developing high levels of toxic chemical 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) produced during high heat with hydrochloric acid which are known to be toxic.   

Also a healthy version compare to mixed soy sauce ( contain addictive ,extract ).

MommyJ® traditionally fermented organic soy sauce comes with UNIQUE DISPENSE CONTROL feature to ensure children above 1 year old have an adequate sodium level. Maximum level of daily sodium intake for children above 1 year old is 1000mg per day. In order to prevent excessive sodium, 3 drops (0.6ml) of organic soy sauce is enough to be added in every children’s meal which is about 33.7mg of sodium only( 3.37% of daily consumption). The children friendly soy sauce not only allow the children to taste delicious meal, but also controlling the intake of sodium and eat comfortably and healthily. Stay safe and healthy with MommyJ®.


>> Non Oil fried,Retain Utmost Nutrition
>> Best Finger food For Little Ones
>> Encourage Pick Up Skills,Self-Feeds Skill
>> Fresh & Pure Ingredients,Original Taste for Baby
>> Travel Friendly Conveniently Consume In Smaller Pack


[MommyJ® Baby Yogurt Melts]

  • Promote intestinal peristalsis
  • Prevent and improve diarrhea and constipation
  • Boost immunity
  • Free of artificial colours and additives
  • Rich taste
  • Improves baby's grasping ability and increases brain development.
  • MommyJ Extra Fine Whitebait Powder 6m+ 40g
  • Description Premium Whitebait Powder 40g Whitebait know as baby anchovy.
  • It is rich in minerals especially DHA (Omega-3) with its critical fatty acids for baby brain development.
  • It also high in protein, calcium and iron which are good for our little ones.
  • Whitebait is softer in texture, highly recommended for younger ones.