AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus
AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus
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AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus
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AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus is an excellent traditional tablet herb for breast milk boosting. It is formulated with Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenumgraecum), Tong Cao (Tetrapanx Papyriferus), Chinese Yam (Dioscorea Opposita), Fu Shen (Wolfiporia Cocos), Apple Powder and Payaya Power. The combination of these herbs manage to increase the breast milk supply of a breastfeeding mother, meanwhile it assists in expressing out the breast milk as well. To those experienced breastfeeding mothers may understand, producing breast milk and express breast milk are equally important to succeed in breastfeeding.


The main ingredient - Fenugreek Seed (a type of galactogogue), helps to improve and boost breast milk supply for a lactating mother by stimulating the glands in the breast. Tetrapanx Papyriferus has been widely used, from ancient to now, for treating breast milk flowing or expressing problems, and to ease fever and pain that caused by plugged milk ducts. Dioscorea Oppositais well known for its nourishment to various body organs such as spleen, lung and kidney. Last but not least, Apple and Papaya contains Folic Acid that helps to prevent and treating low blood levels that caused by folic acid (folic acid deficiency), and improve ability of the bowel to absorb nutrients properly.


This tablet herbs is able to helps a lot of breastfeeding mothers who face problem in low breast milk production and breast milk flow; or even maintaining their daily breast milk supply. Below are the summary features of this product.


AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus 60 capsule per bottle (500mg per chewable tablet)

  • Ingredient - Apple Power, Papaya Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Tetrapanax papyriferus, Chinese Yam
  • Direction Of Use - 2 tablets each time, 3 times per day. Chew tablet before swallow
  • Storage - Keep in dry place below 30 degree celsius


Certificates Obtained By AmazeHerb Fenugreek Plus

  • IFRC ASIA Halal Certified 
  • Food Grade Certified by KKM
  • Vegetarian Classification Certified
  • Made In Malaysia (Buatan Malaysia)

Approved By JAKIM (Halal)
Approved By KKM (MAL No: 13115114TC)

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