Amor8 Plus Kids Spray 150ml
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Armor8 Plus Kids Spray 150ml
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  • Armor8 is specially formulated to kill germs and virus fast while maintaining its effects through out 30 days.
  • This formula was inspired to help to fight or prevent infectious diseases.
  • It is good for applying small item and small area to protect our young ones.
  • Amor8 is tested and verified by several renowned testing labs with the killing rates of as much 99.9999% for bacteria and 99.98% for virusses in a short period of time.


Anti-Bacteria NANO SPRAY safe for kids.

  • Spray and wipe ---> Let dry ---> Last up to days---> 150ml


Last Up to 30 days.

  • Neutralizer, disinfect and protects from germs, baterial, odour and molds.




  • Contains Smartcoat.
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Isopropyl & Distilled Water.
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