Ange - Purplefrog Insect Shielder
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Ange - Purplefrog Insect Shielder
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Insect Shielder is an all-natural, skin free patch containing 100% plant oil that can be stuck virtually anywhere, anytime to help protect against biting insects such as Mosquito, Black Flies, Gnats, Tics, Fleas and even Bed Bugs. The unique blend of essential oils in each patch release a pleasant citrus aroma that provides hours of continuous protection for the entire family, including pets. Insect Shielder is a safe and easy to use alternative to messy chemical sprays and lotion at home, outdoors, when travelling and even when you sleep.



  • 80mg/patch  
  • 35% Lemongrass Oil 
  • 30% Citronella Oil 
  • 3% Cedarwood Oil 
  • 0.5% Geranium Oil
  • 5% Rosemary Oil 
  • 5% Peppermint Oil 
  • 5.5% Orange Oil 
  • 16% Lemon Oil. 



Lightly squeeze and pop the microcapsule beads away from eyes to release the essential oil into the spongy diffuser layer. Pull back the adhesive backing and stick patch onto baby stroller, pet harness, clothing, tent, back pack, golf bag, bed frame, windowsill, outside..virtually anywhere you require pleasant aromatic insect defense. For greater results, use more that one patch (i.e. upper and lower body). 3 years shelf life (unbroken microcapsule). 

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