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Autumnz was born out of our aspiration to create a range of mummy and baby-friendly products, and other select products to make parenting easier. It is our hope that our products will make the journey of conceiving, birthing, breastfeeding and nurturing babies more inspiring and magical.  We have a dedicated team who are committed to researching, designing, producing and testing this range of useful products. We know that you and your precious ones will love them as much as we do.

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  • Safe & Non toxic (BPA free)

  • US FDA approved material for safe storage

  • Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) for safe & longer storage

  • Compatible with most breastpumps (Spectra M1, S2, S9, Autumnz PassionII, Autumnz Esssential, Autumnz Serene, Autumnz Bliss, Autumnz Blossom, Autumnz Swift, Autumnz Carey etc) that fit wide neck bottle – can pump directly into the bottle

  • Printed ounce/ml markings for durability

  • Ideal for maternity, travelling, hospitalisation & post delivery
  • > Comfortable and convenient
  • > Generous coverage
  • > Hygienic & healthy
  • > Soft & hypoallergenic
  • > Individually packed
  • Available in :
  • > Size M : For Hip Size 91-97cm
  • > Size L : For Hip Size 99-107cm
  • > Size XL : For Hip Size 109-115cm


:> Low heat drying process
> Powerful Sterilization with dual PHILIPS UV Lamps
> Can safely sterilise many things like baby bottles, nipples,
toys, personal belongings, electronic devices and kitchen utensils.
> Tested 99.9% effective to kill bacteria
> Super mirror on all sides for effective sterilization
> Multiple sterilization and storage mode options to choose


(i) Sterilization : option to sterilise only for 10 or 15 minutes

(ii) Drying : option to dry only for 30,40 or 50 minutes

(iii) Drying and Sterilization : option to dry and sterilise for 30,40 or 50 minutes

(iv) Auto: option to dry for 5 minutes, followed by sterilization for another 5 minutes
in every 2 hours cycle.

(v) Combination of (i)+(iv)

(vi) Combination of (ii)+(iv)


> Easy to control and operate with touch screen buttons
> Easy to use and maintain
> Bigger space inside to hold up to 14 wide neck bottles and accessories
> Big screen with LED display
> Comes with security door switch which will stop all operations automatically
when the door is opened during operation (for safety reason)
> BPA Free

  • Made from soft silicone for easy and comfortable feeding
  • Soft silicone tip that is gentle on baby's delicate gum
  • Just the right size for baby's mouth
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easier holding
  • Train your child to learn to self-feed
  • BPA Free
  • Age : +4 month