Autumnz GAYA GEN 2 Wearable Electric Breast Pump with Free Gift
RM207.00 - RM419.00 RM259.00 - RM471.00
Autumnz GAYA GEN 2 Wearable Electric Breast Pump with Free Gift
Price RM207.00 - RM419.00 RM259.00 - RM471.00
Brand Autumnz
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm
Availability 21

Wearable, Wireless & Lightweight

No tube, no wired, small and lightweight, you can wear Autumnz Gaya Gen 2 inside your nursing bra, making it truly hands-free for you. 
You can now work on other things while pumping and there is nothing to slow you down.

Portable & USB Rechargeable
Autumnz Gaya is portable and rechargeable, allowing you to pump anytime, anywhere at your convenient-  at home, at work & make it ideal for on-the-go mom.

Massage & Express Phase Pumping
9 suction levels for each massage and expression mode to choose from. Simply press the "+" or "-" buttons to get to your comfortable level.
In massage mode, every cycle comes with 9 short and 1 long suction/release operation.

Memory Function
The machine has a memory function. When you turn it on again, the machine will automatically enter the working mode and suction level you last used in the previous pumping. 

Low noise to prevent from disturbing your baby's good sleep and allow you to discreetly pump wherever you are.

Anti-backflow Closed System Design
Prevents the breast milk from flowing back to the main unit. 

2 Sizes Silicone Shield
In a single breast pump, you are given 2 silicone shield sizes (24mm and 27mm) for you to choose and pump comfortably.

Detachable accessories
All accessories are detachable and easy to clean. Just take few seconds to assemble all parts.

Cup size

BPA Free

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