Baby Food (1)
Baby Food (1)
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  • For 2 Years & above kids
  • Nutrious snack to intake milk protein
  • Reduced salt for Kid’s taste and nutrition
  • No artificial flavor
  • Mixed cheese with Cheddar, Cream, Mozzarella.
  • Enjoyable of various cheese taste and nutrition
  • Stick type to grab easily
  • Added Fiber and Calcium
  • - Suitable for kids 2year ++
  • - Made of selected Korean Ingredients - Whole wheat, Barley, Brown rice, Dried jujube
  • - No added artificial additive! (Caramel Color, Flavoring agents, emulsifying agent etc.)
  • - Delicious snack for kids! Also can enjoy it withmilk or soy milk for a meal!
  • - It's plain, light grain snack for children.
  • - Easy to carry, perfect for travel, with ziplock bag.
  • - Non Fried, healthy baby food
  • - Hygienic Certification by KFDA
  • - HACCP Certificate

Ingredients: Use only the purest and simplest ingredients. There are only three types of ingredients: organic wheat flour, broccoli / tomato / pumpkin, and filtered water. Most of the noodles in the market contain salt as one of the ingredients; MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is absolutely with NO added salt.

Shape: Experts suggest that straight noodles is the most suitable for babies under one year old with choking hazard as one of the safety consideration. Any animals, letters, stars, etc. shaped noodles  are normally recommended for older babies.

Thickness: The fineness of MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is kept at 0.1cm. Mainly to make it easy for babies to chew and bite off noodles. Most noodles on the market, be it meesua , pasta, pan mee noodles, yee mee noodles are thicker and are more recommended for older babies.

Taste: As each baby has different requirements for taste at each different month of age. MommyJ specifically researched and shared a cooking guide on the back of the box. Moms can refer to it and you may make it your own recipe based on your baby’s favour.

Nutrition: MommyJ Baby Organic Stick Noodle is very nutritious. All three flavors are made with SUPERFOOD ingredient - Broccoli / tomato/ pumpkin. The above three super ingredients are are known to bring good nutrition and helps baby’s growth, improve immunity, promote metabolism and so on.

Allergen Advice: This product contains wheat allergen.

Weight : 200g (5 bundles x 40g)

  • Suitable from 0months+
  • Easy to use
  • Diswasher safe
  • Non-scratch silicone bristles are soft and flexible
  • Nipple brush conveniently stores inside handle