Seni Daya - Baby Cot Set 9 in 1
RM1,499.00 RM2,397.80
Seni Daya - Baby Cot Set 9 in 1
Price RM1,499.00 RM2,397.80
Product SKU Seni Daya Baby Cot Set 9 in 1
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What You Get:

  • 1 x Seni Daya Costa A (Full Board)
  • 1 x Getha Baby Latex Mattress (70cm x 130cm x 12cm or 28" x 52" x 4")
  • 2 x Cot Bumper (81" x 12")
  • 1 x Comforter (33" x 44")
  • 1 x Fitted Crib Sheet (Fits up to 28" x 52" x 4")
  • 1 x Pillow (12.75" x 8.5")
  • 2 x Bolster (16" x 6")


Specifications for Costa

  • Material: Solid RAMIN Wood
  • Baby Cot Size : 28 inches x 52 inches
  • Level: 3 levels adjustable base  (with wheel from floor - Level 1 - 60cm, Level 2  - 50cm, Level 3 - 40cm)

Fabric Mix: Crib

  • 100% cotton
  • Inner Stuffing: 100% Polyester Fiber

Mattress Info

  • Size -  70cm x 130cm x 12cm
  • Warranty Period - 5 Years


Description for Costa:

Versatile, 4 in 1 baby cot which is convertible to playpen, sofa bed and single bed and is with 3-level adjustable base. Just pay for the price of one and enjoy four different usages :

1. Baby Cot; 
2. Playpen; 
3. Single/Junior Bed (Up to 5 years old); 
4. Sofa Bed

Standard Features in the product with baby's health, comfort & safety in mind:

  • 3 levels adjustable base
  • Non-toxic paint 
  • Reliable quality safety knob 
  • Non-toxic teething rails 
  • Equipped with 4 castors. Two of them with brake. 
  • Safety distance between the slats in compliance with BS EN Standards 
  • No finger joints to ensure 100% intact and no unexpected breaking up 
  • Safety and security systems are compliance to the stringent requirements of BS EN Standards. 
  • Rounded and softer corners to avoid injuries 
  • Higher from the ground, hence do not need to bend down so much when changing diaper or carry the baby.


Description for Getha Mattress:

The GETHA Baby 100% Natural Latex Mattress provides the ultimate comfort and support for your baby. Designed with your baby’s optimum sleep in mind, this Baby Mattress adequately supports the body and prevents unwanted dents, keeping your little one comfy and happy through those first nights and beyond!

Features and Benefits of GETHA 100% Natural Latex:

  • Hundreds of holes create a natural ventilation system with air reservoir units which ensures continuous flow of fresh air. This allows the body heat and moisture to dissipate throughout your sleep, providing you with cool and refreshing comfort.
  • Durable and designed for supreme comfort, GETHA 100% Natural Latex products will not flatten, does not need fluffing up and retains its shape for years of lasting support.
  • Pre-washed during manufacturing process to ensure hygiene. GETHA 100% Natural Latex has natural antimicrobial properties that resist dust mites and other allergens, as well as being fungal resistant.
  • GETHA 100% Natural Latex is tested and approved against harmful substances in accordance to European ECO requirements. It is non- toxic, naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • GETHA 100% Natural Latex naturally conforms to the curvature of the body, providing anatomical support for head, neck, shoulder and spine. The support softens pressure points and can dramatically reduce sleep disturbance.
  • Specially designed and moulded, GETHA 100% Natural Latex are tapped direct from earth’s natural resources – the rubber tree, and manufactured to exacting standards. It is environmental friendly and ecologically friendly
  • Kindly note that GETHA 100% Natural Latex products may need special care attention.



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