BB Baby Pants Diapers - Size M, L, XL and XXl
RM43.90 RM59.90
BB Diapers Baby Pants Diapers - Size M, L, XL and XXL
Price RM43.90 RM59.90
Brand BB Diapers
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm
Reward Points 439
Points Needed 4390
Availability 105

BB Baby Pants Diapers

Size Diapers:
- Size M (6-11kg): 48pcs/pack
- Size L (9-14kg): 44pcs/pack
- Size XL (12-17kg): 38pcs/pack
- Size XXL (16-20kg): 32pcs/pack


- FITTING: Super Comfortable
- 100% S.A.P: Super Absorption, Super Dry
- WOOD PULP FREE: Super Thin
- Triple Leak-guards
- 3 Seconds Super Fast Absorb and Lock

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What's in the box

1x Size M (6-11kg): 48pcs/pack

1x Size L (9-14kg): 44pcs/pack

1x Size XL (12-17kg): 38pcs/pack

1x Size XXL (16-20kg): 32pcs/pack