Nursicare For Sore and Painful Nipples by PolyMem
Nursicare For Sore and Painful Nipples by PolyMem
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Why Nursicare ?


Nursicare pads are a novel, effective way to maintain nipple health during breastfeeding. They are made of the same PolyMem materials that have been proven worldwide, for over 30 years, to help reduce pain and improve healing of all types of injuries. 

The absorbent, latex-free membrane pad is covered by a printed thin film backing which helps prevent leaks and contamination. The pad has oxygen and moisture vapor breathability which also helps improve healing. 


Nursicare breast pads should be used at the first sign of pain in order to help relieve nipple discomfort often caused by infant suckling. Nursicare breast pads can also help soothe tender, sore, irritated, cracked or painful nipples



How To Use

  • Wear the Nursicare breast pads inside of the bra with the printed label side away from the skin and the unprinted side against the nipple. Center the pad over the nipple area. 
  • Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, wipe the breast clean with a clean cloth or towelette moistened with water and pat dry. 
  • While nursing baby, keep the Nursicare breast pad clean and dry by placing the pad on a clean surface with the unlabeled side up. 
  • The Nursicare breast pad may be used until the liquid in the pad becomes visible through the labeled backside of the pad. 
  • Nursicare breast pads are not washable; washing may remove materials and alter the pad. 
  • Discard after use. Reuse may cause contamination. Change the breast pad if it gets saturated. 
  • For more information, download our product brochure here


  • Help prevent discomfort caused by breastfeeding.
  • Quick pain relief
  • Soothes and protects
  • Absorbs milk leakage
  • Thin, round pads
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