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Breast Pump Accessories
Breast Pump Accessories
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* Improve breast milk flow with continuous massaging 
* 8 different vibration modes to choose and to help improving milk flow & allowing for faster letdown. More milk in less time
* Relief pain caused from engorgement and clogged ducts
* Improve pumping output
* Comes built-in rechargeable battery
* Safe, waterproof and lightweight
* FDA Grade silicone
* BPA Free


Bellotte Diaper Bag Shoulder

This roomy bag is designed to organize all of baby's essentialls with the flexibility to use carry handles.

* 5 exterior, 5 interior pockets
* Side insulated pocket with water resistant fabric
* Large back slip pocket
* Detachable stroller clips
* Changing pad and clear pouch included

  • >> Suitable for cimilre pump
  • >> Suitable for Spectra pump
  • >> Easy to wash and use
  • >> Easy to handle.
  • >> Silicone

What we have:

  • --> Breast Shield Size 24mm / 28mm / 21mm
  • --> Backflow Protector
  • --> Membrane
  • --> Valve
  • --> Tubing

Crane Lactation Massager - Breastfeeding Helper

The Crane Lactation massager is the best tool for breastfeeding moms. It helps improve milk flow and relieve pain caused by engorgement, plugged ducts and other breastfeeding symptoms. It has five vibration modes with different intensity to ease mothers breastfeeding journey.

Product Features:
- Waterproof
- Medical Grade Silicone
- Rechargeable USB/Power Supply
- Five Vibrations Modes with Different Intensity levels
- Ergonomic Design

How does Crane Lactation massager works ?
- Stimulate the breast with the wide side to improve letdown and soften the breast for latching
- Press into the breast inwards, moving towards the nipple
- Use the narrow tip to reach deeper into the breast ducts, empty faster and work out stubborn plugged ducts that can lead to mastitis
- Use the wide side/scoop edge to move fluid and reach under the breast (reduce engorgement)
- Place the small tip facing down to stimulate letdown and milk flow

When does breastfeeding moms need this ?
- When the mother’s milk first comes in to provide relief from pain and discomfort
- Before breastfeeding sessions to stimulate let-down, soften the breast for better latching
- In the nursing bra before and during pumping sessions to stimulate the breast and improve flow, place the small tip facing down.
- As needed to relieve pain and discomfort associated with mastitis, plugged ducts, and engorgement
- To replace tedious and tiring hand compression of the breast

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Offers ample space to hold any double electric breastpumps
  • Roomy enough to hold your cooler tote
  • Small access at the back of the bag for the electric breastpump's plug to attach to a power point 
  • It can be turned into a handy office bag 
  • Silicone Breastshield for Lacte Duet OmniaSelection of size : 21mm, 25mm & 29mm
  • Standard size included in breast pump set is 25mm, if need different size please purchase other size 21mm or 29mm*
  • Malish Cup
  • Handsfree Cups
  • Secure,Concealed & comfort
  • BPA Free
  • Silicone Cushion (24mm)



1.This product is for personal use inly to avoid any transmission of disease

2. Clean all fitting using water only

3. Keep away from children


Malish Warming Lactation Massager

 * Nursing should be both painless and effortless for all moms. The lactation massager aims to achieve this goal. 
 * It improves milk flow, increases output and reduces pain from clogged ducts and engorgement.
 * The end result is a happier baby. 
 * Relieve clogged ducts
 * Improve milk flow
 * Faster let down
 * Increase pumping output
 * Empties breast faster

  • > Full Set Cup 1Set (24mm)
  • > Full Set Cup Pair (24mm)
  • > Full Set Cup 1Set (27mm)
  • > Full Set Cup Pair (27mm)
  • > Full Set Cup 1Set (24mm) with cap
  • > Full Set Cup Pair (24mm) with cap
  • > Full Set Cup 1Set (27mm) with cap
  • > Full Set Cup Pair (27mm) with cap
  • > Funnel (24mm)
  • > Funnel (27mm)
  • > Valve Base
  • > Valve
  • > Silicone Diaphragm
  • > Milk Collection Cup
  • > Sealing Cap
  • > Bra Adjustment Strap
  • > Flange Insert (17mm)
  • > Flange Insert (19mm)
  • > Flange Insert (21mm)

Product details of Medela Freestyle / Swing Maxi Flex Spare Part Tubing

Connects to the connector enabling both double and single pumping options. Only compatible with the Swing Maxi breast pump. Medela only provides guarantees products that are bought through us the appointed sole distributor or our authorised retailers. No warranties nor guarantees will be provided for parallel imported products.

Manufactured by Medela for the Medela Freestyle / Swing Maxi Flex Pump
Each tubing has 2 adaptors manufactured to fit the pump
One replacement tubing per pack

  • SIZE: 17mm / 19mm / 21mm
  • Spectra - Premium Breast Shield Only - BEST BUY
  • Size
  • : 24mm or
  • : 28mm or
  • : 32mm
  • Suitable for Spectra Handsfree only
  • Not suitable for normal spectra valve (different size)
  • BPA Free
  • Not advisable to sterilize
  • Normal wash with liquid cleanser and rise thoroughly