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  • Brand name:
  •  Dr.DuDu (mother and baby)
  • Product parameters:
  • Brand: Dr.DuDu (mother and baby)
  • Product Name: DD08501
  • Color classification: temperature 30 pieces, temperature 60 pieces, temperature 90 pieces
  • Capacity: 180mL
  • Specifications: Other
  • Breast milk storage classification: Breast milk
  • Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Double Electric Breast Pump with Upang Plus UV Steriliser and Hagen Basic Starter Set Package

Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump allows mummies to personalize their pumping experience as according to their needs with 36 different adjustable modes. With a press of a button, Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump will enter the stimulation phase, which mimics the starting of a baby’s latch. And it can be easily switched to a collection phase, where it will efficiently draw milk, with a range of 12 levels of suctions, and 3 different expression rhythms.

Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump also comes with a patented unique feature: a kneading massager where it creates a gentle cupping and kneading sensation to help in relieving body aches and sore muscles as experienced by most breastfeeding mummies. By adapting the kneading ring on to the E-diaphragm, Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump can be easily transformed into a massager, and mummies can now enjoy a kneading massage to release tension from breast engorgement, or even stiff shoulders!

  • 9 Level suction control
  • 2 Phase function
  • Anti-Backflow
  • Soft Breast Shield
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Comfort and Quiet
  • Futuristic Display
  • Tow Phase Expression
  • Strong suction 80-300mmHg
  • 9 levels adjustable
  • Large capacity lithium battery
  • Power supplied by AC, USB or lithium battery
  • Big LCD Display
  • Small size like iphone, easy to carry
  • Baby sucking
  • Hanging belt easy to work in anywhere and anytime
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Collect breast milk while feeding.
  • Small and easy to carry when travel.
  • Seamless design makes it easy to clean.
  • BPA free.
  • Use with pumping bra for better effects.
  • Malish Cup
  • Handsfree Cups
  • Secure,Concealed & comfort
  • BPA Free
  • Silicone Cushion (24mm)



1.This product is for personal use inly to avoid any transmission of disease

2. Clean all fitting using water only

3. Keep away from children

  • 9 Level Stimulation Functions
  • 9 Speed Expression
  • Clinically Proven Effective
  • Efficient & Ouiet

Milk Planet Double Zip-Lock Breastmilk Storage Bags 25Pcs x 5 Box (12oz/7oz)

BPA Free and come in 2 sizes 7oz/200ml & 12oz/350ml



- BPA Free

- Truly leak-proof

- Perforated Line for Easy-Tear Top

- FDA-approved and BPA Free

- Food grade material, perfect for breastmilk storage

- Double Ziplock to prevent any leakage

- Self-standing bottom

- Designated area to mark Name, Date and Volume

- Recommended for refrigerator or freezer storage

- Marking in oz/ml for accurate measurement


Storage bag with leak-proof double zip seals

Pre-sterilised and ready to use

Gusseted bottom allows the bag to stand upright

Generously sized to allow the bag to lay flat for max storage space

Ideal for refridgerator / freezer storage


In The Handsfree Box

  • 2 x HandsFree Cups
  • 2 x HandsFree Tunnel (28mm)
  • 2 x Valve Based with Back flow Protector
  • 2 x Silicone Valve
  • 2 x Shaft Based (Alternative Connector)
  • 2 x Silicone Tubing

In The Handsfree Box :

  • 2 x HandsFree Cups
  • 2 x HandsFree Tunnel (28mm)
  • 2 x Valve Based with Back flow Protector
  • 2 x Silicone Valve
  • 2 x Shaft Based (Alternative Connector)
  • 2 x Silicone Tubing
  • Suitable for Spectra Handsfree only
  • Not suitable for normal spectra valve (different size)
  • BPA Free
  • Not advisable to sterilize
  • Normal wash with liquid cleanser and rise thoroughly
  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable, leak proof, durable
  • Contoured shape to fit around water bottles / milk bottles / cans /Breast Milk Storage Bag
  • Effective to keep breast milk cold. For optimum results, use with V-Coool cooler bags.
  • Store Ice Bricks in freezer for 6 to 10 hours before use.
  • When on-the-go, store ice bricks in cooler bag and try not to open cooler bag unnecessarily (this will cause drop in temperature
  • Size : 20cm x 10.50cm x 5.2 cm (400ml)
  • Brand: Dr.DuDu (mother and baby)
  • Name: Constellation series milk storage bag
  • Capacity: 100mL
  • Applicable stage: all stages
  • Item No.: DD08502
  • Specifications: Other
  • Leak-proof twist locking cap
  • Pre-sterilised and ready to use
  • Capacity 6.8oz (200ml)
  • BPA-free
  • Self standing bag for ease of use
  • Direct-pump Standard adaptor for major breast pump
  • Material: PET+LLDPE
  • 01 - Dust Cover
  • 02 - 3D Silicone Breast Shield (21mm/25mm/29mm)
  • 03 - Main Breast Shield Body
  • 04 - Diaphragm
  • 05 - Cap Diaphragm
  • 06 - Y Connector
  • 07 - Tubes With Connector
  • 08 - Bottle Stand
  • 09 - Milk Storage Bottle
  • 10 - Bottle Adaptor
  • 3D Soft flange to Stimulation baby’s natural sucking
  • Portable and Exquisite Design
  • Easy assembling & cleaning
  • 2- Phase Expression- 
  • Stimulation & Expression 
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Closed System and Anti-backflow
  • Quiet Design For Discreet Pumping
  • 9 Adjustable Suction Levels
  • All parts are BPA free
  • Effective pumping !
  • Both your hands are free to multi task while pumping.
  • An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump products.
  • Pump whenever, wherever
  • 2 in 1 Functions Handsfree pumping or normal pumping mode
  • come in box 28mm/25mm breast shield
  • compatible with most of breast pump
  • Handfree cup only not include pump
  • Build in rechargeable battery
  • 12 suction levels
  • 5 cycle levels
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Back-Flow Protection
  • Massage mode
  • Night light (2 levels)
  • Timer Display