Bumble Bee - Bean Sprout Pillow
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Bumble Bee - Bean Sprout Pillow
Price RM28.63 RM40.90
Brand Bumble Bee
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  • Newborns are prone to startled shocks during their sleep.
  • Our experienced elders always make a special "Ya Jing" pillow with basic beans or rice for their babies. Real life experience and usage has proven that it can effectively aid babies to sleep better.
  • Bumble Bee hence determines to continue the great cultural heritage with our innovated Baby Organic Pillow.

How to use:

  • Place Bumble Bee Baby Organic Pillow gently and horizontally over the baby's chest or tummy. Comforting him with sense of security for a good sleep so moms will be able to rest too.


  • Sun the pillow regularly for hygenic purpose. This will help ensure the pillow is free from odours caused by baby's saliva, milk or urine.
  • The pillowcase should be replaced and washed regularly too. Cover: 100% cotton Filling: Anti-bacterial treated & sterilised bean sprout husks

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