Coddlelife - Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle 8oz
Coddlelife - Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle 8oz
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Coddlelife - Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle 8oz
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Why Choose Coddlelife One-Piece Venting Nipple System?

It is designed to be longer and encourages a baby lips to flange widely. Enables a wide-open latch to prevent nipple confusion.

One -piece venting nipple system help to reduce colic,spit-up and ear infection. It  is easy to use with no extra part to wash.

Microwave, Sterilizer, and dishwasher top-rack safe.


One-Piece Venting Nipple System
How does our One-Piece venting nipple system work?
Our One-Piece Venting Nipple System allows air to enter the bottle without mixing with milk while a baby feeds. This creates equilibrium and contributes to a continuous flow of milk as a baby would encounter when breast feeding.


How does it work?
Quite simply, to keep a consistent flow of liquid (milk) out of a container (bottle), air must replace the liquid (milk) drawn out of the bottle. The trick is to allow that air into the bottle without your baby ingesting some of it.

Coddlelife bottles have a separate air passageway tube that is part of the nipple and extends to the bottom of the bottle. When the bottle is turned upside down to feed a baby, the end of this tube sticks out of the milk. As a baby feeds and milk is drawn from the bottle, air is drawn into the tube and fills the air space above the milk in the bottle.

Milk is drawn out and air is drawn in. The result of this is the ability of your baby to draw milk uninterrupted.

• Extremely resistant to high heat and breakage
• Best tempered glass baby bottle, more durable
• Anti-colic
• Soft, wide and stretchy nipple prevents nipple confusions
• Non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates free
• Microwave, sterilizer, and dishwasher safe



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