Ivenet Bebe Finger Yogurt for 7m+ (20g)
RM15.98 RM18.00
Ivenet Bebe Finger Yogurt for 7m+ (20g)
Price RM15.98 RM18.00
Brand Ivenet
Size (L x W x H) 2 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm
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Ivenet Bebe Finger Yogurt for 7m+ (20g)

IVENET is born by adding mom's love pursuing baby's health and happiness to mom's lofty and devotion for her baby who is the most valuable in the world. Pure mind being begun in the mom's womb and smart and wise mind of a mom thinking about even a single drop of water. With corporate philosophy pursuing health and happy world, IVENET will concentrate its efforts on customer satisfaction and the best products recognized by customers. Always wishing health and best of luck, IVENET promises to create a new chapter in food industry as a company recognized by all our customers in the future.

Product details

-Recommended for Baby 7 months+

-Contain 6 types of fresh probiotic, No wheat & Salt free

-Use freeze-drying process to keep the nutrition of

ingredients & protect probiotiocs

-Melt away in mounth

-Contain 2 billion live lactic acid bacteria

Suggested Use:

-Keep in a cool, well ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight or high

temperature and humidity place

-Please comsume as soon as possible after opening package,

it will becomes soggy easily

Warning :

-Adult should watch for younger baby as he is not good in melting

snacks in the mouth

-Do not feed when your baby lies down or rides on the back of


-Be sure to check whether your baby has any allergic reactions

with this snack. This snack is manufactured under the same

facilities that make the products using chicken

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