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Caely (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 1986 with its core business in direct selling to market quality lingerie. Caely (M) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Caely Holding Berhad which is listed under KLSE, Malaysia. To keep competitive and adapt to market changes, Caely diversified its product range to include apparel and household products.

Lunavie was started with the aim to create a reliable source of mummy and baby-friendly products for our customers. We strive to make your parenthood easier and more affordable without compromising on the quality. Our mission is to provide exceptional products that support women during the journey of breastfeeding and nurturing babies.


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  • Lunavie Portable UV Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer + Free Gifts (Black/ Green)
  • The direct use of 7 mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degrees without hidden angle.
  • HEPA clean filtration system resist 99.7% from outside hazardous substances.
  • Low temperature drying that prolongs the life cycle of your feeding items & etc.
  • Disinfection up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses.
  • Storage setting *activates 2 minutes UV Sterilize every 2 hours.
  • Portable sze gives you convenience to carry everywhere you go and more space on your countertop.
  • Easy to operate with touch screen buttons.
  • Medela: Medela's Swing Maxi double electric breastpump with proven 2-Phase Expression
  • Medela:Express more milk in less time
  • Medela:Double pumping stimulates increased levels of prolactin--leading to increased milk output
  • Medela:Up to 18% more milk compared to single pumping
  • Medela:A small and compact breastpump which is easy to use


  • Lunavie: Auto: Option to dry and sterilise for 41 & 61 minutes.
  • Lunavie:SterilizeOption to sterilise only for 11, 16 or 21 minutes.
  • Lunavie:Drying: Option to dry only for 41 or 51 minutes.
  • Lunavie:Storage: With AUTO one cycle *automatically actives 2 minutes sterilise every 2 hours for total 72 hours.


  • FREE GIFT:1 x V-coool Deluxe Cooler Bag
  • FREE GIFT:1 x V-coool Ice Brick
  • FREE GIFT:2 x Nano Ice pack
  • FREE GIFT:1 x Slicone
  • FREE GIFT:1 x Dr.Dudu Breastmilk Storage Bag 120ml/30bag


  • Carefully designed to cut your baby nails safety
  • Our newly developed magnifier can let you see baby nalis clearer while trimming
  • Keeping nails shorter helps avoid scratches
  • Blades are child sized and curved for safer trimming
  • Wash with mild soap and water after each use


  • Safety: It will not cause any damage to baby’s cuticles or soft nail beds.
  • Quiet: It equipped with a quiet motor, that allows you to trim and polish toenails or fingernail quietly.
  • 6 in 1 Design: It come with 6 different grinding heads.
  • LED Light: It equipped with a front LED light.
  • 4 Speed Settings: There are 4 speeds (high/low) and rotating patterns (clockwise/counterclockwise).


Features :

  • Adopted high medical grade Silicone material 
  • BPA Free - Non-toxic and Nitrosamine safe 
  • Convenient that come with carry box for hygienic storage 
  • Designed for small nipples or inverted nipples mothers to successfully breastfeed 
  • Help to protect sore or cracked nipple. Relieve the nipple soreness caused by breastfeeding 
  • New-born baby can latch on easier during breastfeeding 
  • It may aid the transition from breast feeding to bottle 
  • It preventing baby from choking in early of nursing stage 
  • Ultra-thin and soft silicone for flexibility and natural feel 
  • Odourless and tasteless during breast feeding 
  • Soft & gentle on skin
  • Perfect fit for all breast sizes
  • Breathable cotton for good airflow
  • Super absorbent
  • Prevent wet sport
  • 4 pcs per pack