Luvable Friends - Drooler Bib 5pk
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Luvable Friends - Drooler Bib 5pk
Price RM39.92 RM49.90
Brand Luvable Friends
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Feeding a baby is part of a challenging task for raising a baby regardless whether bottle or solid. For bottle feeding, the milk will sometimes flow out from the baby's milk and wet the baby's shirt and make a mess. If the milk flow out too much and wet most part of the bay's shirt, it will make the baby not comfortable and you will also worry that the baby will catch a cold. 

When you started the solid feeding, part of the feed will drops on baby shirt and also make a mess of the situation. Baby started to taste more variety of taste other than just milk when you start solid feed them. Sometimes, baby will purposely throw out the food if they do not like the taste.


  • Luvable Friends Print Drooler Bibs (5pk) is a great value pack of bibs that will help protect your baby's clothing from drool and spills.
  • Available in 2 theme choices with cute coordinating colors and designs on each bib.
  • Soft & absorbent fabric
  • Seft-fastening closer
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