Since our iconic umbrella-fold buggy was patented in 1965, Maclaren has focused on delivering innovative products that are above industry standards in safety and design. We are as passionate about creating products that enhance family life as we are about contributing to social and environmental causes that enhance our world. 

Our History

Owen Maclaren changed the history of modern parenting with his inventive approach to transportation for children. Our company continues his legacy of innovative and enduring design. 




Charities We Support

Our philosophy at Maclaren is to focus on exceeding consumer expectations, as well as to contribute to social and environmental causes that make a positive impact worldwide.   Learn more about our mission to serve charitable organisations that improve lives locally and globally. 



Corporate Social Responsibility

Maclaren’s forward-thinking history is built upon making products designed to last with a dedication to improving modern parenting. Our company policy is to offset activities that adversely affect the environment by acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to adhering to the core principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): legitimacy, responsibility, and discretion. Click here to read our Handprint.



Career Centre

More than pioneers in the parenting industry, Maclaren is a global community of brilliant individuals who share a common goal of craftsmanship and excellence. At Maclaren, we are always seeking talented people to enhance our diverse team. Whether you are seeking an internship to explore a creative career path or a seasoned professional looking for a challenging new role, we offer an array of exciting opportunities.



Maclaren & Social Media

Maclaren loves to hear from our parents and we embrace the opportunity to connect with you. Subscribe, pin, follow, and "like" us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or YouTube to share what's important to you and your family. Post your favorite photos, share treasured memories, discuss what's going on in your world, and we will share what's happening in ours. Click here to see our Rules of Engagement.



Our Awards

As a leading global parenting brand, Maclaren is consistently recognised for our product innovation and safety standards. Our worldwide accolades serve as a seal of approval and testament to our enduring style and durable design. Discover more of the applause and why Maclaren is loved by children and parents alike. 


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