My Brest Friend
My Brest Friend
My Brest Friend
My Brest Friend

My Brest Friend is the only nursing pillow designed to perfectly position baby for latch-on while supporting mom’s body where she needs it most. Mom is comfortable and at ease, while breastfeeding. Baby is nursing, healthy and happy.


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  • My Brest Friend nursing pillow is not like any other and truly a friend of mothers with babies. Made out of 100% baby soft plush cover, this wrap around nursing pillow maintains good posture during feeding to avoid sore backs, shoulder and necks.
  • Baby plush cover
  • Maintains good posture
  • Comfortable
  • Complete wrap-around design secures to the body helping baby maintain latch-on.
  • Arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress 
  • This pillow should only be used by adult. Only use pillow with cover on. This pillow and its foam core should always be stored out of reach of babies and chilren when not in use. Do not use this product with baby while standing. Always hold baby while using this product