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- non-fried, do not add salt and other flavoring and preservatives.
- Complete withdrawal of fruits and vegetables moisture, retain complete nutrition.
- New Zealand Polluted Non-GMO Sweet Corn.
- vacuum freeze-drying process, delicious nutrition fruit
- Applicable age: more than 10 months
- Storage: Please avoid direct sunlight and store properly in dry and cool area.


Product detail of NATURMI Quinoa Rice Stick (Original/ Red Rice/ Purple Rice) 40g

Made in Taiwan with Natural Ingredients

* No added preservatives
* No pigment
* No added salt and sugar
* Non fried
* Naturally pure cereals

This product is gluten free so it can reduce allergic reactions in infants and young children. Using the best rice from pure Taiwan and pollution-free. So that this product can be the best choice for the best snacks for our baby.


  • Colorful Rice Balls✨Small but one pack contains a variety of nutrients #Excellent
  • ┃Brown rice + white rice: rich in vitamins, protein, cellulose, fatty acids
  • ┃Red rice: dietary fiber, high content of iron
  • ┃Spinach + white rice: a lot of beta carotene, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium
  • ┃#No added preservatives, artificial coloring, made from #original ingredients
  • ┃It can be eaten by babies over eight months old and melts in the mouth
  • Do not use allergenic wheat gluten
  • Made specially made for nutrition full point without burden
  • High quality rice from Taiwan.
  • This product is guaranteed without preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, with your baby's health care
  • Won the international ISO22000 certification

Serving recommendation:

- Add into baby cereal or milk
- Sprinkling on top of baby porridge
- Add into any beverage