Naebro Pure-Eat Finger Organic Ring - Purple Sweet Potato, Sweet Pumpkin, Strawberry Apple, Spinach
RM14.30 RM15.90
Naebro Pure Eat Finger Organic Rounded Ring 10m+
Price RM14.30 RM15.90
Brand Naebro Pure-Eat
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 16 cm x 30 cm
Reward Points 14
Points Needed 1430
Availability 1
  • No flour
  • No preservatives
  • No leavening agent
  • No pH adjusting agent
  • No color additives
  • Content : 40g

Naebro Pure-Eat Finger Organic Ring

The Pure Eat - Organic Finger Ring
"Always Fresh , Always Right"
Made with 100% sincerity

We always use the fresh ingredients directly from the nature to ensure provide the quality products , always satisfy you with always fresh and always right products

"Pure Eat means as it is in nature"
We will only give the right and safe foods for the whole family with honesty given by the nature

Pure Eat Snacks fried with high temperature and high pressure rather than oil for better taste , and the soft texture which is easy to melt in your mouth

Naebro Pure-Eat Finger Organic Ring - 4 Flavor (40g)
1. Finger Organic Purple Sweet Potato Ring
2. Finger Organic Sweet Pumpkin Ring
3. Finger Organic Strawberry Apple Ring
4. Finger Organic Spinach Ring

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