piyo piyo adjustable shower cap
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Piyo Piyo Adjustable Shower Cap
Price RM24.80 RM31.00
Brand Piyo Piyo
Size (L x W x H) 32 cm x 3 cm x 40 cm
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Piyo Piyo Adjustable Shower Cap

Product Details: Adjustable Shower Cap
Recommend Age: 1+
Prevents shampoo, soap and water from getting into baby's eyes.
Made from light, non-toxic and eco-friendly EVA material that fits comfortably on the baby's head.
Soft and stretchable for ease of wear.
Adjustable fastening to fit head circumferences 18 inches (46 cm) and up.

Put the shower cap over baby's head and pull down until it sits over the top of the ears.
Adjust tightness of the shower cap as needed with the buttons. Adjust the position of babies' hair so they are on the top of the cap.
Once the cap is correctly positioned, hair washing can begin.

Material: Environmentally friendly EVA
Dimension: 11 in x 10 in (27.4 cm x 24.7 cm)

When using the cap, please make sure it is positioned on the top of the ear and have the hair inside and over the cap.
If experiencing discomfort, please stop using immediately.
Please rinse and hang dry after use.
Please store cap in a safe place and keep out of reach of children.
Please store cap in room temperature away from fire and high heat.
The product is to be used as shower cap, do not use this product for other than its intended purpose.

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