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  • No.1 in Korea
  • Kill 99.9% bacteria
  • Remove germs and ingrained dirt on toys and goods
  • No preservative, No skin irritation
  • No chemical, Anti bacteria
  • Passed the tests on acute toxicity, sterilization, skin irritation
  • Good hygiene for infant

The benefits are as below:

-It kills not only germs and Bacterias but it kills viruses too.
-Contains Chlorine Dioxide.
-Totally safe for babies, kids and adults.
-It’s natural.
-Kills 99.9% germs.
-Safe being used as mouth-washed to remove bacteria and smelly breath.
-Alcohol free.
How to use:
1.To Disinfectant Surfaces
2.Spray s small amount from about 15cm
3.Wait for a second
4.Clean/wipe surface with towel or tissues

  • Play yard is secured with a safety lock on the door. 
  • Various shapes can be made with different combinations of walls and flexible wall connector.
  • A convenient walk-through door. 
  • Kids will love talking on the phone and setting the gears in motion. 
  • Contains 6 different activities for hours of fun.
  • Easy to clean, smooth, non-toxic surfaces.
  • Create various shapes with difference combination of walls and flexible wall connectors. 
  • Quick and easy to set up and disassemble for compact storage and portability. 
  • Made of high quality PP and PE material which is non-toxic & safe for baby use
  • World Class product in Korea. The No. 1 Play Yards brand in Singapore and Korea.
  • Made in Korea
  • ~ Quick and easy.
  • ~ Safe and Non-Toxic.
  • ~ Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • ~ Antibacterial.
  • ~ Nourishes, Moisturises and Protects
  • ~ Easy to carry everywhere

- perfect for strollers
- beds
- play cribs
- kitchen counter