Fitech 911 FT-02
Fitech 911 FT-02
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FITECH” is a revolutionary fire-extinguishing tool developed to protect human bodies and properties from damage in the early stage fire. This is also designed for everyone’s easy use and is the world simplest fire-extinguishing tool.

The extinguishing fluid is filled is non-toxic & contaminative and it contain in a container made of special plastic materials. The mechanism of “FITECH” is the impact produced when the container hits the burning object breaks the container and then, sprinkles extinguishing fluid and the heat from fire produces extinguishing gas. It can work on fire in the early stage instantly and three-dimensionally. “FITECH” is also effective to prevent the fire to reactivate.

It is a valid mean to secure escape way, to do lifesaving activities and to prevent property loss.


Product Features

  1. SAFE TO USE                             Possible to use keeping a distance from the fire origin
  2. EASY TO USE                             Possible to use without any knowledge in advance
  3. INSTANTLY EXTINGUISHED    Extinguishing early stage fire within a few                                                                          seconds from throwing the container.
  4. REHEATING PREVENTION       Containing anti-reheating agent
  5. APPLICABLE FIRE CLASS       Class A fire to class C (Paper/wood/ Flammable liquid/electrical equipment)
  6. EXTINGUISHING CAPACITY      By using multiple bottles, capacity can be larger.
  7. MILD COMPONENTS                  Safe to human skins (7ph~7.06ph)
  8. NO CONTAMINANT                      Area is not polluted. Easy clean-up after using
  9. IN COLD CLIMATE                       Unfrozen down to -20℃
  10. LONG-TERM STORAGE             Quality Preservation Period 5 years




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