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•SGS certified.
•Funny cookie shaped lid: Making mealtime fun.
•Curved rims: No more over-the-edge spills from self-feeding.
•Handles: Help moms hold on the bowl easily while feeding babies.
•Removable silicone lining: For easy cleaning.
•Food grade silicone: No artificial coloring added. Heat resistance up to 200℃, sturdy and easy to clean.
•Non-stick surface: Make each scoop smooth and effortless.
•Unique suction pad: Prevent spills from self-feeding or accident.

  • 1.The bottle can be converted breast milk storage container into feeding bottle, the most multifunctional feeding bottle to use ever.
  • 2.Multifunctional extend bottle life, not only a feeding bottle.
  • 3.Perfect for storage food, easy to assemble and no more leaks.
  • 4.Available for Simba whole range PPSU and Glass Feeding Bottle.
  • 5.Adorable color decorate your daily life. ●Material
  • Lid:Polypropylene (-20℃~ +100℃)
  • Ring:Silicone (-20℃~ +120℃)

1.SGS certified, BPA-, Plasticizer-, Heavy Metals Free.
2.Patented- 2 in 1 designed. Clean teeth and remove fur.
3.Selected food grade silicone bristles, soft enough for baby’s gum.
4.Silicone stopper avoid baby from hurting the throat that caused by deep inserting.
5.Whole toothbrush can be sterilized.
6.Come with cap, ideal for traveling.


1. Features:

  • Quality selected FDA standard food grade material.
  • Premium PPSU material.
  • The heat resistance of the feeding bottle is up to 197°C, BPA-Free.
  • Experimental evidence proves that the feeding bottle is bearable with 1000 times repeated steam sterilization.
  • Light bottle with high hardness, extra durable!
  • Printed with Germany imported lead-free ink, SGS non-toxic tested.
  • Equipped with cross hole mother's touch anti-colic nipple.

2. Materials:

  • Cap/Neck Cap/Handle:Polypropylene (-20℃~ +100℃)
  • Bottle:Polyphenylene Sulfone (-20℃~ +197℃)
  • Anti-colic Nipple:Food grade silicone (-40℃~ +150℃)

3. Capacity:360ml

  • SGS Certified
  • COLOR/Satisfy your baby's appetite
  • LEARNING/Ergonomically designed Easy to grip
  • SAFE/Protect your little onefrom injury
  • SOFT/Gentle on gums
  • JUICE & SOUP FEEDING/Small size special designed for your little one
  • MASHING FEEDING /Smooth tip designed Safe for feeding
  • *SGS safety certified product and uses only FDA approved food grade material. 
  • *All parts are BPA free, Phthalate free, lead free, and cadmium free. 
  • *Compact storage case for easy carry around and better hygiene.
  • *Spoon changes to yellow color in quick 15 seconds to warn parents of hot food. 
  • *Integrated stand to keep the spoon clean at all time by lifting it away from contaminated surfaces. 
  • *Ergonomically designed hand because can help babies grab and learn self-feeding easily and comfortably
  • * Soft edgesto protects child from injury
  • *47℃ Heat-Sensitivity: Spoon will turn colour to Yellow if the heat above 47℃
  • This renewed medicine feeder is designed  for babies by baby nursing experts. 
  • The material of the nipple is silicone that does no harm to mouth.
  • The dosage of amount and time is controllable. No spill out to stain the clothes or waste the medicine.
  • Double direction dispension that causes no harm to throat.
  • USDA certified organic green tea extract, efficiently removes odors.
  • Plant-based safety ingredient used, contains no artificial color, fragrance,methanol, NP,NPEO or other harmful chemical substances, safe to use.
  • In compliance with CNS3800 and tested by SGS, neutral, nontoxic,biodegradable and leaves no residues.
  • Plant-based green cleaning agent, APG, certified by ECOCERT, gently and efficiently removes milk stains and bacteria.
  • >> Purpose:To wash feeding bottles, nipples, toys, vegetables, food containers and processors.
  • >> Volume:800ml

*PPSU is widely used in manufacturing medical products as the material is high in transparency,
* hardness and high heat resistance. Bearable with 1000 times repeated sterilization by experimental proven.

* Printed with lead-free ink form Germany.

* Convenient and hygienic flip-it lid.

* Smart air vent steadies the flow.

* Easy to grip, anti-slip handles.

*Selected food grade silicone tube. Drink at unlimited angles.

  1. Extra soft dual bristles, gently and effectively take care of the dental health.
  2. Ergonomically and professionally designed non-slip handle, easy to grip.
  3. Soft tongue cleaner at the back.
  4. High performance suction cups, even better on smooth or polished surface


  1. Ergonomically designed for babies, helps babies to learn self feeding independently and progressively. 
  2. Unique suction pad, easily attached to table surface, and made of food grade material to ensure the safety and hygiene 
  3. Not only prevents baby upsetting the tableware, but also provides joyful eating experience.
  4. Pour 60 degree centigrade warm water to keep food warm for one hour.