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Spectra is the leading brand for breast pumps. Innovative, stylish and extremely efficient, the Spectra brand of breast pumps is just what you have been waiting for.  And more important, they are available in Oh Baby Store!

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In The Handsfree Box :

  • 2 x HandsFree Cups
  • 2 x HandsFree Tunnel (28mm)
  • 2 x Valve Based with Back flow Protector
  • 2 x Silicone Valve
  • 2 x Shaft Based (Alternative Connector)
  • 2 x Silicone Tubing
  • Spectra: Build in rechargeable battery
  • Spectra:12 suction levels
  • Spectra:5 cycle levels
  • Spectra:Ultra Quiet
  • Spectra:Back-Flow Protection
  • Spectra:Massage mode
  • Spectra:Night light (2 levels)
  • Spectra:Timer Display


  • Coby UV: A sleek 'No Button' design
  • Coby UV:Dynamic true color liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Coby UV:Coated with high-end insulation finishing
  • Coby UV:Powerful advanced Twin-Uv Technology
  • Coby UV:The 16L perfect capacity


  • FREE GIFT:1 xCooler Bag
  • FREE GIFT:2 x V-coool Ice Brick
  • FREE GIFT:2 x Converter
  • FREE GIFT: 2x Dr.Dudu Breastmilk Storage Bag 120ml/30bag
  • Suitable for Spectra Handsfree only
  • Not suitable for normal spectra valve (different size)
  • BPA Free
  • Not advisable to sterilize
  • Normal wash with liquid cleanser and rise thoroughly
  • Spectra:Average 39.5db (less than fan's noise=45db)
  • Spectra:Chargeable. Once fully charged, can use for 2 hours
  • Spectra:Time checking is available on the screen. (30 mins pumping, auto power-off)
  • Spectra:Softly start pumping with massage function
  • Spectra:BPA free Material
  • Spectra:Made of eco friendly materials such as Polypropylene and Liquid Silicon
  • Spectra:10 levels of pumping mode: Soft inhalation pressure to strong
  • Spectra:Designed for double breast pump: 2 inhaler sets are included


  • Handfree:Effective pumping !
  • Handfree:Both your hands are free to multi task while pumping.
  • Handfree:An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump products.
  • Handfree:Pump whenever, wherever
  • Handfree:2 in 1 Functions Handsfree pumping or normal pumping mode
  • Handfree:Come in box 28mm breast shield
  • Handfree:Compatible with most of breast pump
  • Handfree:Handfree cup only not include pump


  • Hegen:Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU (Wide Neck Adapter)
  • Hegen:Revolutionary no screw thread one-handed closure (Patent Pending). Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open, PCTO™ innovation for hassle-free handling and avoiding spillage.
  • Hegen:Air venting bypasses the milk minimizing formation of air bubbles and oxidation of precious nutrients. Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake.
  • Hegen:Elliptical-shaped silicone teat closely mimics a mother’s breast to simulate a real latching experience, making combining breast and bottle feeding possible. Off-centre teat enables your baby to feed in a natural upright position.
  • Hegen:Off-centre teat promotes upright feeding which reduces the risk of milk back-flow that causes mid-ear complications.
  • Hegen:Secured closure protects precious nutrients from oxidation and keeps breastmilk fresh.
  • Hegen:Organize smartly with snap-on interconnecting buttons for enhanced stability to avoid messiness, toppling and spillage.
  • Hegen:Express, Store and Feed within a single container with interchangeable pump or adapters, feeding collars and storage lids. No wasteful transfer of milk necessary.
  • Hegen:Hassle-Free Cleaning: The smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy.
  • Hegen:Growing with your baby, the storage containers can alsoe us bed as a snack cup or to store baby food, semi-solids, puree, biscuits, fruits or even juices!