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Steriliser, Warmer and Food Processor
Steriliser, Warmer and Food Processor
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:> Low heat drying process
> Powerful Sterilization with dual PHILIPS UV Lamps
> Can safely sterilise many things like baby bottles, nipples,
toys, personal belongings, electronic devices and kitchen utensils.
> Tested 99.9% effective to kill bacteria
> Super mirror on all sides for effective sterilization
> Multiple sterilization and storage mode options to choose


(i) Sterilization : option to sterilise only for 10 or 15 minutes

(ii) Drying : option to dry only for 30,40 or 50 minutes

(iii) Drying and Sterilization : option to dry and sterilise for 30,40 or 50 minutes

(iv) Auto: option to dry for 5 minutes, followed by sterilization for another 5 minutes
in every 2 hours cycle.

(v) Combination of (i)+(iv)

(vi) Combination of (ii)+(iv)


> Easy to control and operate with touch screen buttons
> Easy to use and maintain
> Bigger space inside to hold up to 14 wide neck bottles and accessories
> Big screen with LED display
> Comes with security door switch which will stop all operations automatically
when the door is opened during operation (for safety reason)
> BPA Free

  • Touch Control
  • Warmer Funcition with Flexible Setting
  • Large & Clear Display
  • Multi-Tier Flexi Configuration
  • Steam Sterilizer , Dry or Steam & Dry Intelligent Control
  • Function: steaming, warming, sterilizing and preset timer
  • Digital LCD display
  • 15 hours preset function
  • Working time adjustable
  • Fits most of the baby bottles & suitable for two bottles
  • Working setting memory function
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • Model : LBP909


  • Easy to operate with touch button
  • Intuitive display for easy operation & monitoring
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds & viruses
  • HEPA clean filtration system is effectively barrier up to 99.7% form outside hazardous substances
  • High quality Food Grade PP material to shaped until no shape-edges
  • Power is automatically cup off when the lid is opened during operation
  • Portable size is easy to carry everywhere & more space on your counter-top
  • Lid is easy to open with a comfortable angle
  • The 7-mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degree without hidden angle
  • Attained CB Test Certification & Low Voltage Direction Certification as a confidence assurance towards our product quality
  • Auto Storage Mode-the sterilizer will cycle between sterilization & ventilation every two hours to ensure you have clean bottles to use anytime

Malish Bottle Warmer - 1year Warranty

Fashion Style : One more bottle space, more love to your baby!

Main Features

* One More Bottle Space 
Accomodate 2 bottles in different height and different width for heating at the same time, much more convenient.

* 4 in 1 Multifunction
Multifunction of warm, heat, heat food, and sterillize, and meet different requirements for babies.

* Extension Dust-Proof Cover
Extension dust-proof cover design, not only can prevent the dust but also can hold more tall bottles.



Features :-

1) Sterilization and drying mode

2) Large capacity

3) Fast sterilization in 10minutes, drying in 30minutes

4) LED screen

5) adjustable 3 in 1 multiple compartments

6) Kills 99.9% germ


Warms milk on the go
Warms quickly
Protective beaker lid
Warms baby food too

Warm baby bottles in just 2.5 minutes
Easy pouring lid
Protective beaker lid
Warming reference guide
Warms multiple feeds
Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and containers
Thermal bottle warming for warm mik on the go
Easy to use

  • ☀️ 2-in-1  Electric Steriliser & Dryer ☀️ 
  • ☀️ 2-in-1  Electric Steriliser & Dryer ☀️ 
  • Simple operation
  • High quality ceramic pot
  • Heat resistance glass lid with lifting handle
  • Can be used to cook porridge, soup, stews and etc for your  baby
  • Ceramic pot capacity: 1.5 Litre
  • Cooking capacity : 1.2 Litre
  • BPA Free
  • • Manual cyclone-effect blade: For tailored mixing, adapting the consistency to the child’s age (smooth, pureed, chunks).
    • Removable steaming basket: Possibility of collecting cooking juices rich in vitamins and minerals to modulate the texture of the preparation.
    • Graduated measuring bowl: Easy to measure quantity of water to pour into tank.
    • Automatically switches off with light and sound signal when steaming is finished: No monitoring required.
    • Removable lid: Easy to clean.
    • Single control button (cooking – mixing): An ultra-compact solution.
    • Security lock of bowl: Click sound ensures secure locking.
    • Cycle meter with descaling indicator: Warning light.
    • Spatula: Practical to remove the steam basket, stir and empty food into the bowl without being burnt.
    • Removable blending/smoothie filter lid: Easy to clean.0
  • 65° Low heat - PTC Drying Technology
  • 4 Modes - Auto Mode,Sterilized,Drying & Storage
  • PHILIP UV Purification Lamp
  • HEPA Filter - Eliminates 99.9% airbone contaminants
  • 360° UV - Captures and eliminates 99.9% of germs
  • Smart One touch operation
  • Built-in charcoal HEPA Filter
  • Smart Child-Safety Auto stop function
  • LED Display
  • Premium philip UV Lamp
  • 360° Sterilization
  • Inner Capacity: 7L (Up to 6 bottles)



  • New Generation UV Sterilizer with Full Touch Screen Panel
  • A sleek "No Button" Design
  • Dynamic True Colour Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Coated with High-End Insulation Finishing
  • Powerful Advanced Twin-UV Technology
  • Super Silent Operation
  • No Burn Risk
  • Energy Saver (4w)
  • Function: steaming, warming, sterilizing and preset timer
  • Digital LCD display
  • 15 hours preset function
  • Working time adjustable
  • Fits most of the baby bottles
  • Working setting memory function
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • Note: Milk bottle is not included.
  • Registered US FDA medical device product  
  • Sterilization with UV rays + Low temperature drying with infrared ray (below 40 degrees) 
  • 99.9% sterilization effect for influenza virus
  • 99.9% internal sterilization effect in baby bottles
  • Sterilization every hole and corner by improving UV reflexibility with high cost super mirror stainless materil
  • Various use! (sterilize baby bottles, remote control, utensils, and more!)
  • For best result, please change bulbs every 6 months. 
  • First UV sterilizer in the world, the best-selling baby bottle sterilizer in Korea & winner of 4 consecutive in Korea. 
  • Certified by the US FDA and six other health organizations.
  • eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria
  • Advance Dot-Matrix Display
  • Double Doors
  • Automatic Sterilisation 38mins
  • Storage Mode Automatic sterilisation 2mins Every 3hours
  • Store up to 16bottles
  • FREE Natural Organic - Premium Soothing Embossing Type Baby Wipes (70's x 2 Pack)