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Tricycle, Tolocar
Tricycle, Tolocar
Tricycle, Tolocar

Go! Go! Go! Your kids will love this ride-on tolocar which comes with a steering or handle and wheels for easy movement. The interactive toys help in developing your child's tactical and visual skills.

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Chicco Toy Balance Bike 2-5 years old

Enjoy your first bike with Chicco Balance Bike!

The child first bike helps to develop kid’s ability to balance on two wheels in
order to help them move to a real bicycle with pedals without any difficulties or fear.

The bike is made with safety features: ultra- light metal frame, soft non-slipping saddle and anti-puncture wheels.

It is available in green & red colour.


London Taxi Kick Bike 2-5Years

Children's bicycles for ages 2-5 years. Balancing bikes are useful for training children's balance in learning to ride a bike, train their gross motor skills and train your little one's confidence.

  • Balancing Bike
  • Super light, only 6,4 lbs
  • Classic London Taxi Saddle
  • 2 Tone Colors of saddle & handle grip for vintage looks
  • Strong, welded steel frame with our unique
  • Integrated launchpad footrest
  • Ultralight wheels
  • Durable EVA polymer tires never need air
  • Toddler sized mini-grips
  • Seat height from 28-41 cm
  • Quick clamps on saddle
  • • 5-in-1 stages baby tricycle
  • • 5 positions telescopic parent handle
  • • Mudguard navigator button - lets one switch from parent touch steering to child ride-control - for extra convenience
  • • Press out clutch on swivel wheel for free-wheeling
  • • 3 point Y harness with shoulder pads and safety bar for extra safety
  • • High back support and padded soft seat cover for extra comfort
  • • UV blocking material canopy for sun protection • Non-slip pedals, Foldable footrest, Removable padded hand rest protector (rigid safety bar)
  • • Basket with functional removable storage bag for carrying toys
  • • Full metal construction for durability
  • • Padded reclining seat
  • • Patented Touch Steering® technology for smooth and easy stroller-like manoeuvring
  • • Dual component rubber wheels allow the Infinity to move with ease,
  • • The built-in suspension provides your child with a comfortable ride.
  • • Boasts lush fabrics available in several attractive colours to ensure you and your tot stay stylish anywhere you go.
  • Easily folded - simply turn the dial lock-you'll be amazed how compact it is
  • Steering Control and Foldable Push Handle - You are in total control of the directions by using the push handle. The handle can also be folded into half
  • Dial lock - The unit can be easily folded by turning the dial lock and stored away
  • Removable sunshade - 96% UV protection
  • Multi-function - This unit can be transformed to a tricycle by simply removing a few parts. Your child can easily do the pedaling! The unit becomes lighter, simpler and more fun